Book Review – “Casey Asian Love”

“Casey Asian”: A Pakistani American Woman’s Ultimate Guide to Dating, Love and Friendship by Carol Asian. A book review. I got this book a while back and read it in one sitting. I really liked the way Asian American women were described. In fact, when I mentioned some of the terms in the book, Asian women probably frowned at me for “insulting” them with such language. But it’s a language they use in the book, so I guess it’s all in good taste.

casey Asian

The author, Carol Asian, gives us an inside look into not only Pakistani culture but also Asian cultures outside of Pakistan, as well as the many nations, states, regions and islands that make up the Asian Diaspora. She teaches you what you need to know about how to approach women, as well as what to do once you’ve got her. There is even a short chapter on how to get your passport and take your mother with you once you get home (this is especially important if you’re taking money or gifts from someone and don’t want them returned). There are even chapters on how to be a great girlfriend and boyfriend and some advice on what not to do.

What really gets me about this book is that there is so much more to it than a manual on dating. Sure, there is a chapter on the “how to be a great girlfriend and boyfriend” but there are so many other gems tucked away within this engaging read. This book could be considered a bestseller and it certainly is a love story filled with excitement. It’s one thing to read about a girl breaking up with her boyfriend to wonder why, but it’s another thing entirely to get so caught up in the romance between the two of them that you keep thinking up new ways to keep them together.

What I found interesting as I read this book was that there were many things that were left out of the traditional narrative of love and romance. There were other women involved besides the two of them, there were other characters, and there were other cultural differences. But it didn’t seem like Casey was trying to write an instruction manual or something. She was clearly a woman who had been in her own relationship with a man and had found herself with a new man, but she still managed to paint a picture of the journey that they had shared while still being true to her own unique personality.

That’s what makes” Casey Asian Love” a great read. Not only does it give a detailed history of how Asian girls get guys, but it also gives a lot of tips on how to be a loving, understanding, respectful, strong, self-confident Asian woman who can attract the men of your dreams. The author tells you that what you want to do is break free of the Western cultural paradigm that has conditioned you into believing you must chase your man. You need to show him respect and let him know that you’re grateful for everything he gave you. He wants a woman who will support him, listen to him, and truly feel that he makes a wonderful partner.

This is a fun book to read because it’s easy to relate to. The author shows you what not to do when it comes to dating Asian women, and what you should be doing. It’s very helpful reading material for any first time Asian woman, or even for the seasoned Asian Woman who wants to try something new and exciting. I think most people will enjoy this refreshing look at Asian relationships and might just discover themselves being blown away by the variety of men and women that exist. So if you are looking for a new, light-hearted, and positive way to look at love and relationships, then definitely read “Casey Asian Love.”